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SaraTex Co. Ltd.

Carpet Shearing Machine Producer 

Having a long experience in carpet shearing manufacturing for carpet finishing lines, hard working using capable and educated staff, today we stand in top level of quality and efficiency with the ability of implementing vast types of carpets (woven, tufted, rugs, moquettes, Persian carpets with super jammed piles & etc.).

The newest shearing machine of SaraTex has the highest shearing cylinder rotation speed in the world (about 1000 rpm). This exceeding speed makes better finishing features and provides the most desired appearance for final productions.

The SaraTex expert team has the readiness to adjust the productions according to respected customers need.

Some benefits of using CPS series machine are listed:

·       Various working widths (3400 mm and above)

·       Entry and exit both in the same, or opposite sides of machine (relevant to customer wishes)

·       Our customers will served with many optional, additional units for achieving the best quality, like: metal detecting unit, S.E.M ledger blade sharpener (with no separation need), extra beater rollers and brushes.

·       Considering a very high safety

·       Beautiful appearance

·       Having CE certificate

·       Finding the highest quality with the lowest prices gathered in the same place, maybe nowhere else.


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   SARA TEX Company started to work at 1984 With management of Mr. MOHSEN NAVAEI   Basic field of activity is to offer services and of course marketing & sales of all type of textile machinery.


This company with fully skilled staff is ready to service customers. please contact the company for further information...

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